Crisis Management and Internal Investigations

As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have made abundantly clear, gender-based harassment and inequality in the workplace is still a pervasive problem.

At Kaplan & Company, LLP, we advise and counsel institutions and companies who are committed to building progressive workplaces free of discrimination, harassment, and inequality.  In our view, ensuring equality is not only a legal requirement; it is also good business. When women don’t feel safe speaking up, organizations are deprived of valuable ideas. Further, our attorneys understand that workplace disputes can not only disrupt productivity, but also do serious damage to a company’s reputation. We advise organizations on how best to provide a progressive, safe, and inclusive working environment for their employees, so that all employees’ voices are heard and valued.

Kaplan & Company, LLP has extensive experience in all aspects of the investigation crisis management process, including: conducting internal investigations; developing internal and external communications strategies, including providing advice on public disclosures; reviewing compliance structures to identify areas of risk; and revamping policies, procedures, practices, cultures, and attitudes, to build workplaces that not only comply with the law, but also foster genuine equality and inclusion for the benefit of all.

Kaplan & Company, LLP has advised clients on their most sensitive and high-profile investigations, including matters on the front pages, as well as smaller investigative matters that have remained confidential. In every matter, we deploy a team custom designed for the tasks at hand, scale to match the size of each challenge, and adjust our approach as each investigation progresses.

Current crisis management and internal investigation representative matters include:

  • Advising a large media company on development and implementation of human resource policies to help ensure a fair and unbiased workplace;
  • Conducting multiple internal investigations for an Ivy League University and providing advice in connection with public and high-profile Title VII and Title IX issues;
  • Helping launch the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, dedicated to providing victims of sexual harassment and assault with legal representation to protect against harassment, intimidation, and the burden of costly, protracted litigation as they come forward;
  • Chairing Vice Media’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, which works with the company’s executives and decision makers to improve company policies and procedures, as well as make recommendations on workplace changes.