About Us

Our Mission

When we decided to establish a new law firm, we set out with three goals:

  1. To collect an exceptional group of lawyers and staff who, together, would be well-poised to respond with ingenuity and flexibility to the challenges that lie ahead.
  2. To fuse together a high-stakes commercial practice with a cutting-edge public interest practice for the mutual benefit of both; and
  3. To provide fierce advocacy that sets the standard for excellence and to do it from a firm whose ethic is rooted in fairness, integrity, and justice.

In this sense our law firm is both “new-fashioned” and “old-fashioned.” Our mission at Kaplan & Company, LLP is to provide the highest level of client service from a firm that has timeless values but is built for the future.

"I think the first duty of society is justice."

Alexander Hamilton
"Robbie never misses the forest for the trees. She is strategic and practical but keeps her sense of humor at all times. Most important, she’s really taken the time to understand our business and its transformational effect on the world."
Darren Weingard, General Counsel, Luxe


Our team is made up of only the best and brightest and has the academic records, clerkships, awards and record of victories to prove it. And our clients enjoy the service of the top talent at every level of our teams – from the senior partner to the most junior staff member assisting on our cases.

"We come from different walks of life - from prestigious clerkships, to private practice, to military service. Where we do all align is in our deep commitment to client service and using the law to promote equality."
Julie Fink

Innovation and Integrity

In our lawyers, we value inventiveness, imagination, dedication, grit, collaboration, and innovation. We welcome the opportunity to push substantive law and procedure forward in creative and ingenious ways. We also know that a lawyer is only as good as her reputation—not only for mastery of the law, but also for ethical and collegial conduct—so the integrity of our team is paramount.

"Legal practice is at its best when it is used to make people’s lives better—when it is used to foster equality, justice, and opportunity, to help people get up when they fall down, and to oppose those who stoke conflict and divisiveness."
John Quinn


We have an unflagging commitment to get our clients’ work done efficiently and at the highest possible level of quality, skill and craftsmanship. Because our team of superstar litigators is collaborative and nimble, our clients are able to enjoy superior representation at below-market rates.

"Law is the language of power. One of the central roles of lawyers is to translate this language, and use it to give voice to people who otherwise would not be heard."
Rachel Tuchman

Law in the Public Interest

As lawyers, we are officers of the court and servants of the people, duty bound to uphold the rule of law and the statutory and constitutional protections that the law promises to everyone.  We put public service at the heart of our practice; we don’t believe in sidelining that responsibility to pro bono teams or pro bono hours. We are committed to litigating cases that advance the public interest and we will always treat those cases exactly the same way that we treat any other case.

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”

Albert Einstein

Diversity &
Firm Culture

In a profession where diverse individuals are not always given the opportunity to lead, our firm stands apart. Our clients can count on getting the very best representation because we recruit and retain the very best talent, regardless of how they look, love, or pray. For us, diversity is a core value; it is also sound business practice—in an increasingly global economy, a diverse team not only reflects the diversity of our clients, but also is best poised to respond to the complex and varied challenges our clients face.

We are invested in a model of practice that values collaboration over rigid hierarchy. Our clients are best served by lawyering that benefits from the perspective and fresh ideas of everyone on each of our teams.